Mediation, coaching

While acting as a third neutral and impartial party, our specialists possessing all necessary skills and competence will be delighted to provide you with mediator services relating to the search of constructive and positive solutions in the course of pre-trial of protracted dispute or any dispute arisen between legal entities.

Coaching is a method of consulting and training. It differs from the classical coaching and training in that the coacher does not provide any pieces of advice or strictly observable recommendations, but rather seeks to find solutions together with the client. The coaching we are referring to differs from the psychological consulting in the orientation of motivation. Work with the coacher implies the achievement of a certain goal as well as the obtainment of new positively stated results in the enterprise’s activities and in the recruitment of personnel.

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While resolving disputes by way of mediation, the agreements thus reached are normally longer-lasting and are more true to life, which not only contributes to their implementation, but also renders this implementation mutually acceptable and natural.

  • Mediation is the softest option of an alternative dispute resolution;
  • Mediation is directed to the search of constructive solutions for the two parties of a conflict or to dispute;
  • Mediator will help save time, money and emotional strengths of the parties to dispute;
  • The area of interests of the parties to dispute is fully protected as the process of mediation is confidential;
  • Mediation enables the parties to dispute to look ahead and to use their own creative abilities.
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