Due diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive analysis of a company’s activities on the market and complex checkup of its financial standing and tax obligations per certain tax periods.

This service includes a complete analysis of a company’s activities based on which internal management decisions or external ones on investments are made.

Due diligence is requireable in the event of:

  • selling one’s own business or purchasing the ready-made one;
  • opening some business abroad;
  • creating a joint venture of merging some companies;
  • providing evidence of solvency to a foreign partner or investor;
  • checking the reliability and financial soundness of one’s own counteragent.
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The analysis includes the study of:

  • legal and organizational documents;
  • rights of ownership;
  • instruments of debt liability, including that to the budget;
  • licenses and permits;
  • agreements/contracts;
  • reports on lawsuits and arbitral proceedings.

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