Audit and auditing services

Recommendations of experienced auditors will help rightly direct the development of your company, which will secure the growth of your proceeds and high financial performance even in the crisis situation with the economy.

Based on the results of the audit, our auditors prepare a report on whether your company’s accounts are kept correctly and have a true and fair view, and provide an independent auditor’s report.

Ours services

We guarantee the quality, confidentiality, reliability, and effectiveness of our services:

  • Audit (statutory) for companies of whatever legal and organizational forms;
  • Audit (initiative);
  • Express audit;
  • Overview checks;
  • Concerted procedures;
  • Compilation of Russian-formatted financial information;
  • Preparation of the accounts according to US GAAP, IAS/IFRS international standards.
All our employees are highly qualified and skilled professionals with the appropriate certificates of auditors, chartered accountants, and consultants on taxes and levies.

Auditing services

Arrangement, reinstatement, and maintenance of accounting records and books, preparation of the accounts (financial statements);

Consulting of accounting matters;

Consulting of tax matters;

Arrangement, reinstatement, and maintenance of tax report, preparation of tax computation documents and tax returns;

Due diligence of financial and business operations of companies and sole proprietors;

Consulting of economic and financial matters;

Subscriber supports to and maintenance of the accounts and/or tax reports;

Consulting of management accounting, i.e., that relating to company reorganization;

Valuation operations.

How much is our servicing?

Please contact us so as to calculate the exact cost
Audit (statutory, initiative)
at least 1,000 rubles per hour
Express audit
at least 2,500 rubles per hour
Verbal consultation at our office
at least 3,000 rubles per hour
Written consultation
at least 3,500 rubles per hour

How to contact us?

+7(499) 246-32-94
+7(495) 637-01-51
24 Luzhniki, Building 9, Office Rooms 308-309, Moscow